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Satta.Site, Terms & Conditions :-

Our company has some such rules. Which is important to obey you. All the satta players are there. Our company recommends them for free. You do not have to believe on any internet on satta site.
If you want If you want If you wish to have a lot of money in your life, then you have to make sure on this satta.site. Our company does not know to give any human being a blow. If you strike a blow with our company, then in our life, our company will never support you.
If you work with satta company without fogging then our satta
 comapny will always be with you

  1. You must email us to join the satta site.
  2. If you want to get the fix satta number then you have to follow the rules of the company.
  3. You will not get a fixed number other than satta.site.
  4. satta result you will have to check this site daily.
  5. Our satta company gives fix satta number, for that you will have to believe the rule of the company.
  6. We first charge a few rupees to give the number to the satta player.
  7. Fix satta number will be given but you will have to deposit its fees in advance.
  8. You will be given the same number of Gali Desawar and Ghaziabad Faridabad on our site.
  9. You will not reveal any other player’s leaked number from Satta Company.
  10. You have to follow the total rules of satta company, even then you can earn rupees in life.
  11. Useless people will not be given the satta number.
  12. Poor people will be helped, but poor human beings do not strike with satta company.
  13. Do not try to take satta leeks for free.
  14. Do not take numbers by lying down to get a loan.
  15. Do not take a leaked number even by saying a lie like marriage.
  16. For taking the number, give your identity card to the company.
  17. Pay Gali Desawar in advance.
  18. Do not hit anyone with the company.
  19. Enter your full address to take the game.
  20. Do not play leak numbers above Rs 25,000 only.
  21. After opening the game, deposit your full payment immediately.

If you believe all these things of the Satta company, then the company will support you full.

You have no need to join any company other than www.satta.site company.

If you want to know more terms and conditions of satta.site company then email satta company.
[email protected]

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